Thursday, December 16, 2010

Next Steps

Greetings, all,
Last Sunday's sermon (December 12) was from Luke 1:46-48. Our theme for Advent is "Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room" and the focus was on "Adoration."
Let's consider what are the "next steps" God would have us take in response to His Word.
1. Some people commented to me (Pastor James) that they thought the man who made negative comments about the church and Methodists really got to me. Does it bother you when people speak ill of your church?
2. Do you think the "Holy Ghost has his way" at Memorial? Does the "Holy Ghost have his way" in your life?
3. How does your "spirit" (God-consciousness), "soul" (self-consciousness) and "body" (world-consciousness) respond to the call for adoration?
4. Where are you aware that God has "looked with favor on the low estate of his servant" (you)? In other words, are you aware that God is bigger than your circumstances?
5. What questions/thoughts/convictions were raised in your mind after hearing this sermon or reading this passage? How is God speaking to you now?
Pastor Kenneth Q. James
Psalm 119:33-34
"Let truth, the light of my heart, speak to me, and not my own darkness!"
Augustine, Confessions, Book XII, Chapter 11

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