Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sunday's sermon: Next steps

Good afternoon!
Last Sunday's sermon on February 27 was titled, "Lord, Teach Us to Pray" from Luke 11:1-4. What are the "next steps" God will have us now take in response to the Word we heard?
1. Jesus' disciples make a specific request of Jesus. What would you most like to have Jesus teach you?
2. We learn that God is to be the center of our focus in worship and prayer. How can we keep this focus in the proper perspective?
3. We pray "thy kingdom come" as an indication that we want God's will for our lives. In what ways do we need to change to allow the kingdom to come?
4. Do you trust God every day for provisions, or do you think you have to make your own way?
5. Do you find it difficult to forgive? Lewis Smedes (Forgive and Forget) says, forgiving is not forgetting ("You can never forgive people for things you have forgotten about. You need to forgive precisely because you have not forgotten what somene did; your memory keeps the pain alive long after the actual hurt has stopped"). Forgiving is also not excusing, smothering conflict, accepting or tolerance.
6. We must pray daily that God will keep us from any trial that seeks to threaten any of the confessions or petitions we make in prayer.
7. What questions/thoughts/convictions were raised in your mind as you heard this sermon or read this passage? How is God speaking to you now?
Pastor Kenneth Q. James
Psalm 119:33-34
"Let truth, the light of my heart, speak to me, and not my own darkness!"
Augustine, Confessions, Book XII, Chapter 11

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