Thursday, December 8, 2011


Greetings, all.
Please mark your calendars for the following events:
1. Tomorrow is our monthly fast day. It has been previously announced that we want to observe a monthly fast on the Friday following the first Sunday in each month. Even though we forget to remind the church of this important observance, it is something we should try to share if possible. I encourage us all to do so, please.
2. Wednesday, December 14 during our Prayer Meeting we will observe our Love Feast in advance of our Quarterly Conference on Thursday, December 15. I encourage all members to attend and share in this important tradition of our Methodism.
3. Tonight, if you have BET, you may want to catch a special airing on BET at 9 PM, "The Curious Case of Citizen Cain" a documentary/news special about Herman Cain. It was apparently taped before his recent departure from the presidential race.
Thank you.
Pastor Kenneth Q. James
Psalm 119:33-34
"Let truth, the light of my heart, speak to me, and not my own darkness!"
Augustine, Confessions, Book XII, Chapter 10

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